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++explore++ Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering
++explore++ Psychology and Sociology
++explore++ Probability and Statistics
++explore++ Differential and Difference Equations
++explore++ Complex Variables and Partial Differential Equations
++explore++ Applied Numerical Methods
++explore++ Workshop Practice
++explore++ Workshop Practice - II
++explore++ Engineering Drawing - I
++explore++ Engineering Drawing - II
++explore++ Engineering Mechanics
++explore++ Materials Engineering and Technology
++explore++ Engineering Thermodynamics
++explore++ Fundamentals of Manufacturing Processes
++explore++ Fluid Mechanics
++explore++ Computer Aided Machine Drawing
++explore++ Strength of Materials
++explore++ Kinematics of Machinery
++explore++ Thermal Engineering Systems
++explore++ Machining Processes and Metrology
++explore++ Hardware Project
++explore++ Dynamics of Machinery
++explore++ Design of Machine Elements
++explore++ Heat and Mass Transfer
++explore++ Turbomachines
++explore++ Design Project
++explore++ Design of Transmission Systems
++explore++ CAD/CAM
++explore++ Industrial Engineering and Management
++explore++ Industrial Internship
++explore++ Operations Research
++explore++ Project Work
++explore++ Materials Science
++explore++ HOMEPAGE
++explore++ Engineering Chemistry
++explore++ Environmental Studies
++explore++ English for Engineers - I
++explore++ English for Engineers - II
++explore++ Ethics and Values
++explore++ Problem Solving Using C
++explore++ Multivariable Calculus and Differential Equations
++explore++ Comprehensive Examination
++explore++ Modern Physics
++explore++ Automotive Electronic and Instrumentation Systems
++explore++ Fundamentals of Mechatronics Systems
++explore++ Industrial Automation Controller
++explore++ Total Quality Management and Reliability
++explore++ Tool Design
++explore++ Soft Skills I
++explore++ Soft Skills II
++explore++ Soft Skills III
++explore++ Soft Skills IV
++explore++ OOP&P
++explore++ Digital Logic
++explore++ Object Oriented Programming & Paradigm Lab
++explore++ Computational Fluid Dynamics
++explore++ Computational Fluid Dynamics Lab
++explore++ Digital Logic Laboartory

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