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I am better known as 14BME0133 in this realm. This  website is (but not limited to) a comprehensive compilation of the work produced and directed towards the completion of myriad, higher degree science, engineering and technology full-time undergraduate degree courses. I  aspire perfection in the domain of engineering, ushered by my blindfolded scientific temparament, & am keenly devoted to it’s advancement. You can also follow a gist of my hobbies here at the Inter-Networks by logging onto N1X site .

Notes for NEWCOMERS:

Enter “http://14BME0133.github.io/” followed by the  subject code “ZYX987” in your shell to shoot up the docs for the required course. Also, there are a lot of surprising and enticing reads flourishing in this webs partitions. However, its limited – to shunt unduly access, Things are fuuzy here.. No zer0s, neither a 0NE, but magically, precisely amid!
Feel free to wander around, but beware: it may live in a coal mine look dark!

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NOTICE: IRC server has been rolled back for CircleCI integration. It should be back online by the end of septemb, most probably !



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++open [OPEN] MEE 305 : Design Project
This ones from : #AGL #Linux #Tokyo16

++open [OPEN] MEE218 : Hardware Project

++open [OPEN] MEE399 : Industrial Internship

++open [OPEN] MEE499 : Final Year Project

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Grateful to all *UNIX # and my Alma Maters.

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