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14BME0133 X133-WIKI



WElcome, fresher!

The 14BME0133 is an attempt at reconciling all the knowlledge and note-keepings garnered throughout my term as a student at this esteemed VIT University, situated in the Vellore District of Tamil Nadu. Its just (yet, not limited to) a benign endeavour by an aspiring, student to accumulate all the resources bestowed unto ‘him by the great Faculty and ‘Mentors during the mid of the second decade in our new Millenia. Nevertheless, its an effort to, as Dad would speak of it, to teach the illiterate, what any literate would’ve collected, for the perpetual flowing stream of “aworking knowledge”, bespoke natively in his language y. vernacular. That is to say, to make a beggar understand thee needeth not beg iff thou wilst to be a learner, an estudante. I cherish this as my core-mentality, and hitherto try to offer my shares.


## CODEname BIGname PubSTATE Linkers GRADESte Remarks
1. MEE103 Workshop Practice, The First Unduly text na D, positive Dr. acknowledged my troubles before even I even I stepped unto his classroomesque boutique of Machineshop !
2. MEE106 Engineering Drawing, The First Files pending scanner-repair na D, positive Introduction to 2D, 3D AND 4D (x,y,z,+T)